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Bible Study: What Jesus Says About Your Fear of Success

In Luke 9:57-58, a profound insight is revealed about our fear of success. It highlights how our apprehension can lead to excessive caution and self-restraint when faced with decisions that entail sacrifices and costs. The text emphasizes the significance of discernment in choosing which blessings to pursue, as fear of the associated costs can be debilitating and limiting.

It serves as a reminder that seeking the Lord’s blessings necessitates prayer and conversation with God. It’s not about impulsive decision-making, but about seeking divine guidance and aligning our desires with God’s will. This underscores the importance of a deep and intentional relationship with God, involving ongoing communication and seeking His wisdom.

Furthermore, the passage underscores that decision-making inherently involves sacrifices and costs. It acknowledges that at some point, we must make choices that require stepping out of our comfort zones, taking calculated risks, and being willing to face the unknowns. It’s a call to courageously trust God’s guidance, even in the face of uncertainties and challenges.


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