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Bible Study: The Reason Behind Not Achieving Your Goal

It’s frustrating when we don’t achieve our goals, but it’s important to identify the underlying reasons for our lack of success.┬áIf you’re not achieving your goal, there could be several reasons why. Perhaps you are not putting in enough effort, or not following a clear plan. Maybe you’re facing obstacles that are out of your control, or simply feeling discouraged and lacking motivation. It’s important to assess the situation and identify what might be holding you back.

In Mark 9:28-29, we see how the disciples struggled to heal a boy possessed by a spirit, and Jesus tells them that some things can only be accomplished through prayer and fasting. This verse reminds me that sometimes, achieving our goals requires more than just physical effort – we need to seek strength and guidance from a higher power and trust in His timing and plan for us.

Check out our Bible study and learn how this word enlightens many of us when it comes to achieving our goals.



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