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Bible Study: How Do You Get Access to the Blessings

In our captivating bible study, we delved into the intriguing story found in Genesis 32, where Jacob wrestles with God, seeking approval and blessing. We contemplated Jacob’s journey, from being a trickster to earnestly persuading God to bless him. Witnessing Jacob’s transformation, we learned the power of changing our identity and separating ourselves from past experiences through faith.

The essence of this process lies in placing our trust in the unknown, making faith a potent force. We explored the profound concept that blessings are an inside job, a personal responsibility. It necessitates building ourselves up and embracing a transformative shift in our identity.

May we draw inspiration from Jacob’s story and embark on our own journey of faith and blessings.

Watch the Bible study session below and may you be enlightened more. Join us every Tuesday at 7 PM EST.

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